Happy face sticker on an empty gas tank?

“I’m fine.”

“No, really, I’m fine.”

“Just fine. Really.”

I don’t believe it, do you? Our American culture teaches us to play ‘nice’, pretend all is well, that we are ‘fine’, when we are not— cuz’ nobody wants to be around a drag. Nobody wants ‘bad vibes’. And the truth may be that we are pretty full up with our own anxiety, and can’t really carry anyone else’s.

We are all holding some amount of stressed energy, so if we think we are fine— it may be worth taking a look at how quickly we get irritated, how often we complain to friends or partners, how judgey or triggered we feel, how quickly we label things or people, maybe show low energy, can’t relax, or let go of a need for sugar, salt, or other addictive behaviors?

It doesn’t serve us to live with self-blame, calling ourselves or others—lazy, stupid, or other labels that do nothing but keep us in that stressed, hyper vigilant state where we just can’t relax, and we feel miserable and empty on the inside, while we paste a smile on the outside.

I know I sound like the drag now, but all this anxious energy has an effect on our bodies, it shows up as constant low grade inflammation, and generally we deal with that anxious energy with comforting behaviors, or addictions that don’t help us heal. This then develops into more chronic problems if we aren’t finding a mindful way to release, nourish and balance. The good news, is, and yes, there is good news, we can find balance. In fact, our bodies, and our subtle energy systems are primed and designed to seek balance and ease.

I am always on the lookout for new tools to add to my energy toolbox, and I love it when I find a tool, or refine one that seems to be even more powerful, engaging, and nourishing—and lately, tapping is that tool for me. We have that expression— ‘Just shake it off”, but really, the effective way is to adopt an intention of release in our minds then literally shake! All over. Like a dog! It will be a lovely, honest world where you see someone get frustrated in the grocery line, then just shake all over, and go on their way, smiling into the rest of their day. My dogs do it all the time!

We tried this practice in live classes this week, and it was a hit, I hope you enjoy it too, please let me know if you made your own modifications or intentions, I would love to hear!

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I lead mindful movement, qi gong, yoga and breath work to bring flow, space and vitality to everybody. I love to write, hike and play with Emma, our labradoodle. I am passionate about growing peace and calm in the midst of chaos.

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