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Restorative Yoga and Energy healing work calms mind and body
WELCOME! I am excited to talk with you about creating more health, vitality, and joy in your life. Please contact me on FB, Instagram, call or email, I offer a free consult and session to determine how we can best move and breathe; virtually or in person, respecting and honoring your wellness journey. terralea@yoga2go.org or call/text 425-312-3493

Twenty years ago I went to my first Bikram hot yoga class and loved it. I was a performing artist, and I knew purposeful breathing and moving was powerful. I loved the intensity, the sweat, the total exhaustion. I became an art and movement teacher, then a public school teacher, all the while using breath and yogic movement to give the kids and I some breaks, energize learning, and get focus and calm.

That was then, this is now…. give me a lovely slow flow class, or restorative yin yoga any day. Oh, I love a strong Vinyasa flow too, and the wonderful thing about yoga is there is a practice for every season, every body, and every need. I am a firm believer that there is a mindful breath and movement practice for everybody from toddlers to seniors, and I am determined to bring yoga-2-go for everyone.

In addition to my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2018, I have nearly 20 years of teaching and coaching experience, advanced 50 hour in-person training for yin yoga teachers, also trauma informed yoga, brain dance, senior chair yoga, mindful breathing, qi gong, and yoga for kids. Take a look at my resources, blogs, workshop offerings, and recordings, let me know how I can assist you on a mindful movement path!

Solstice Yoga in NYC

Yoga 4 Every Body!

Here you will find audio recordings, videos and simple practices to loosen any tight body, soften the mind and center the spirit. Yoga means union, breath to movement, no matter what shape, age or condition we find ourselves. Let’s bring some joy!

Mount Shuksan 2019 trail

The Curious Life

I love to write, my writing is featured here, and at online magazines sivanaspirit.com, and elephantjournal.com. May my words be of benefit.

Yoga Diva Stones I paint and leave around the Pacific NW


I do one woman shows incorporating myths, poetry and a little music. Workshops range from ‘Finding your Voice!” personal storytelling, to Spinal Resets through your day, to Yoga Bliss breathing.

About TerraLea

A traveling mindful movement teacher, trainer and performer. Using yogic movement, breath practices, qi gong and tai chi, she brings her studio to your school, business, studio, back yard or concert venue. Contact her for available calendar dates.

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