Committing to our mental, physical and spiritual health as if our lives depended on it. Day by day, one loving action after another, we build flowing resilience to meet life as it comes. 

Youtube Channel: Morning energizing and calming flows, Afternoon pick-me-ups, Evening restorative self-care flows, and mindful breath practices

Audio: Yoga Qi for Resilience practice 

Search Yoga Me with TerraLea

Several tracks of morning, afternoon  and evening yoga flows and meditation

Spotify music playlists:

If you would like curated sequences designed for your physical needs, and music playlists just for you,contact me for information on your own YogatoGO kit!

Breathing Resources

There is so much research now about the benefits of a mindful breathing practice. This is my favorite right now!

James Nestor: How We Breathe podcast.

Insight Timer: Hundreds of breathing and yoga practices, many are free

Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique

I am a firm believer in the power of tapping on acupressure points to release unconscious tension and reset the body and nervous system.

Nick Ortner, Tapping Solution   free tapping meditations or subscription app.

Qi Gong Practices

QI Gong is an ancient healing movement that combines slow and even breath with movements designed to loosen and strengthen joints, ligaments and tendons, and move energy through the system. I like to do a combination flow practice that includes qi gong and energy healing practices.

Search YouTube: Qi Gong for Vitality for free qi gong practices, many designed for our present conditions. For grounding and calming the mind:  Dr. Jeff Chand’s website- with instruction, talks and videos:

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