Terra Lea Dennis

Traveling yoga and mindful movement teacher

Unique Approach

“I highly recommend TLYogatoGO (Terra Lea). I’ve received both group and private instruction from Terra Lea for close to a year, and I always leave her sessions energized and refreshed. Participants have reported to me that their experience parallels mine; they always come away with at least one insight that helps them relate to and appreciate the wonder and service of their bodies. Terra Lea’s unique approach integrates movements using a variety of modalities that align mind, body and the healing connection, creating energy, balance and appreciation. I am an advanced yoga practitioner and recommend her instruction to any level – beginner to advanced. Her soft gentle voice, enthusiasm and narrative provide participants with a unique personal journey. There’s something for everyone.”

-Kal, Edmonds WA

Accommodating Student Needs

“Terra Lea is not only a knowledgeable and observant teacher, but she also is a warm and kind human. She infuses her teaching with extensive research utilizing different modalities in a creative way, all while accommodating her students needs. Throughout the pandemic and continuing today, I’m deeply grateful to have her as my teacher through a virtual format. Every time I left feeling soothed and rejuvenated. I can’t recommend her enough for any group size.”

-Aubrey A., San Francisco, CA


Terra Lea holds a Master’s in Education, passionately teaching preschoolers to seniors for nearly 20 years. She has advanced pedagogy certifications in teaching, yoga, and energy medicine.

She currently is growing her private practice, with in person and virtual clients. Terra Lea masterfully listens to client wellness goals, and crafts meaningful practices that are effective, fun and creative.

Born in Colorado, she has lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of her life, loves the outdoors, and is continuing her hiking and camping adventures with her husband and dog, Emma.


“You see this word around the internet all the time, but I didn’t really understand what it meant until I worked with Terra Lea. Her creative sequences are interesting, helped me release my mind tangles and just breathe. I feel calm, energized, strong and more open after working with her. Highly recommend.”

-Sara, Gig Harbor WA

Pain Management

“I really must comment on yoga with Terra Lea. This is quite simply one of the best activities hosted by the ERC. I do a sitting version of the yoga, and TL is so patient and kind in how she accommodates me. For over thirty years, I have had a bad neck caused by 45 years of rugby. I had a crick in both sides, but with the gentle movement, they are removed! The class has also taught me a great deal about stress management and mobility. I can’t recommend the program enough!

-David, Everett, WA


Enjoy a free session with Terra Lea, let’s see if we can work together to create more space, flow and joy in your life!

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