Yoga is 4 Every Body!

Mindful movement is about creating more space and flow in the body, mind and heart and to alleviate suffering and pain of all kinds. To be free, like a wild rabbit. When I walk along the river in the morning, I love watching rabbits leaping for joy in the dewy grass. The ease, the simplicity, the flow in their bodies makes me smile. I want that effortless joy.

I want movement to be sustainable for all ages so we can all feel that bunny freedom. I realize it may be a goal to do an advanced balancing yoga pose for some, or the goal may just be to get out of stagnant patterns creating pain and suffering unnecessarily. Mindful and purposeful movement and breath can do that. We have amazing healing mechanisms in our bodies already, all we need are tips for making that healing more effective and we can reach any goal.

For those that think they are ‘just not flexible’ or ‘not a yoga person’, maybe it’s not about touching your toes, its about what you want to reach; your grandkid’s face, your dog, or picking a flower for your true love.  It’s not about perfect, it’s about finding your own way to leap with joy through your life. 

So what do you want in your life? If you want less stress and worry, there is mindful movement that can help. If you want more flexibility and lightness on your feet, there is yoga for that! If you want a flowing reaction to life’s bumps, there is yoga for that. More concentration and focus? Yoga! Are you sensing a pattern?

I wanted to create a business to bring my skills to share with others. I wanted it to be simple, easy enough to do in your living room, in 10 minutes or 90 minutes. If you really aren’t sure this is for you, try out this video below, to give you a little boost in your afternoon. Then notice- how do you feel? What is it like inside your skin? If you feel nothing, try it again. Maybe for a week. Every afternoon at the same time, when you usually reach for your phone, snacks, or other unhealthy habits. I know, because I live there! Right now is the time to change, and we can do it together. Let’s create a new habit to bring your flow and joy in your life!

10 minute practice: Breath, acupressure, massage and movement.

Free Resources to give a try:

Youtube: Morning energizing and calming flows, Afternoon pick-me-ups, Evening restorative self-care flows, and mindful breath practices

Would you rather just listen, and not watch a video? Try this calming flow!

Audio: Yoga Qi for Resilience practice 

I have many other meditations, yoga sequences and qi gong practices HERE on SoundCloud.

Please contact me with questions, comments and requests, I am here to walk with you on a mindful movement journey.

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