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Terra Lea

mindful movement teacher, leader, mentor, coach

This was me about 15 years ago, at one of the first Summer Solstice Yoga Celebrations in Times Square, NYC. It was my first visit to New York City to visit my son, and he said yes when I asked him to go to this outdoor yoga class with thousands of strangers in the middle of the street. The busiest street in the nation probably. I had been doing yoga for a couple of years, but I was touched by the energy of all those people around me, all races, genders and ages.

My passion for mindful movement has changed over the years, but my commitment to leading others in ways to increase flow, energy and joy in their bodies and in their lives is the same.

In addition to my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2018, I completed a 300 hour advanced yoga certification, specializing in yoga for brain and body health, I have nearly 20 years of teaching and coaching experience, advanced 50 hour in-person training for yin yoga teachers, also trauma informed yoga, brain dance, senior chair yoga, mindful breathing, qi gong, and yoga for kids. Take a look at my resources, blogs, workshop offerings, and recordings, let me know how I can assist you on a mindful movement path!

What I Do
  • Individual in home or virtual private or couple sessions
  • Office mindful breath practices
  • Clubs, meetings, gatherings
  • Classes for school kids to senior centers

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