Energy Healing Sessions


Terra Lea is an energy healer, using ancient and modern techniques to help the body, mind and heart heal stress, trauma, injury, and illness.

What to expect

After an email/phone interview, Terra Lea will schedule an 1 1/2 hour session with you, either in your home/office or spa location. The session will include some simple movement and breath practices designed for each person’s needs, diagnostic testing using muscle kinesiology techniques, simple massage and holding patterns using the Traditional Chinese Medicine energy meridians (acupuncturists use the same). Light to medium pressure is used, clients are fully clothed and the session ends with relaxing cranial sacral therapy or foot reflexology. Terra Lea is a Foundations certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, 500 hour Registered Yoga teacher, with advanced training in stress management, trauma informed therapeutic techniques, reiki healing, and somatic movement.

Terra Lea is now offering healing sessions in 1:1 home visits, and soon to be booking sessions at a spa near you! Contact us today.



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