A traveling yoga and mindful movement teacher offering more flow, space and joy

“You are the sky. Everything else– it’s just the weather.”

-Pema Chodron
Private practice and personalized yoga kits
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I am excited to craft a movement and breath sequence to address your wellness goals. I make home/office or virtual visits, where we work together to increase your calm, focus, flow, and resilience in body and mind. In between, I offer my clients hand crafted audios, videos and energy medicine tools. Take a look, try out a sequence, feel your breath deepen, then Contact me for a free session to see if we are a fit!

Serving in person sessions for greater Seattle area, WA

The Curious Life

I first published a piece of writing in my 5th grade magazine. Then I wrote about recess, now I write about mindfulness, spirituality, joy and sorrow, baking, yoga, and my sweet dog Emma. Check out my blogs here, or enjoy my writing and others on Elephant Journal.

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Clear water at the beach

For 30 years I have performed one woman shows sharing history, folk tales, and myths woven with my own crazy life. I have performed happily in bars, coffee shops, gyms, parks, libraries and schools and manage to engage audiences from 3 to 93.

100 minutes.

If we are awake 14-16 hours a day, then hypothetically this means we are getting a healthy 6-8 hours of sleep, then doing the math to really figure out what “I’m too busy, I don’t have time for that” really means in a daily life may be pretty revealing. Are we too busy for wellness?Continue reading “100 minutes.”

Falling in Love with my Blind Barracuda Mind

Fun facts for the day: Barracudas swim up to 36 mph, weigh up to 100 pounds, have incredible vision, and use their face full of sharp chompers to consume hundreds, nay, thousands of unsuspecting, sparkly fishies. These fierce predators hunt  along the coastline, in tropical waters, where chubby, glittery, vampire-skinned tourists swim lazily along.   Did I justContinue reading “Falling in Love with my Blind Barracuda Mind”

Loving the yuck

No disrespect to the many who are suffering now, but it is time for me to stop spinning in fear and worry and take a minute to find my feet. I am so damned tired. It is easy to dismiss the idea that ‘oh just be grateful for what you have’ as a silly panaceaContinue reading “Loving the yuck”

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