Face Yoga, anyone?

One of the best ways to boost our immune system is to do a lymphatic massage. The lymph system is how our body fights infection, and it is a system for removing toxins and waste from the body. The lymphatic system doesn’t have muscles or a pump like the heart. It relies on movement; so if we exercise regularly, our lymphatic system is probably doing just fine. But as we get older and we move a little bit less, a regular lymphatic massage can be very helpful.

The extra benefit from doing this face yoga massage is toning the Vagal nerve, which builds our resilience, regulating the nervous system, and this too boosts the immune system, helps us sleep better, and digest food more efficiently. Might help get rid of 2nd chins, wrinkles, and strained neck tendons too. I hope you enjoy this video!

Published by TerraLea

I lead mindful movement, qi gong, yoga and breath work to bring flow, space and vitality to everybody. I love to write, hike and play with Emma, our labradoodle. I am passionate about growing peace and calm in the midst of chaos.

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