Mindful Movement/Gentle Yoga Class

REGISTER for Edmonds Waterfront Center Classes, Gentle Yoga, Tuesdays, 10:00AM, Thursdays 9:00AM (separate registration)The yoga classes fill fast; these are monthly registration, open the 17th of each month to register. Contact me to try out a class!

REGISTER for Mukilteo Rosehill Center Classes, 90 minutes. Monday 6:30PM, Mindful Movement for all ages, Wednesday Gentle Yoga 9:00AM, register monthly or drop in ($18) for each class. Slow Flow Restorative and Yin Yoga Thursday, 6:30PM.


Healing Circle Yoga

Fridays 10AM, Sixty minutes of simple mindful breath, and qi gong movement. When the energy has space to flow, inflammation decreases, tension releases, and the entire body is spacious and calm. Terra Lea uses teaches breath practices to release tension in the upper torso and belly, and help release anxiety, depression and stress tension. This class ends with guided meditation of yoga Nidra, to bring the mind to theta sleep state, which deepens healing. Join Patreon for weekly access.



If you are enrolled in a mindful movement or gentle yoga class with Terra Lea, all you need is an open mind, comfortable clothes, and the desire to deepen your self care practices. You may practice in a chair, or on the floor; class mats and other supplies are available to borrow. If you want your own supplies, see the supply list HERE.

Water is not necessary during class, as this is a gentle movement and breath practice, but please drink plenty of water after class, to assist your body in removing toxins. Refrain from eating at least 45 minutes before class. Your body may warm up and cool down, so dress appropriately, you are welcome to bring a blanket or towel for padding.

Every week, a new video or audio will be posted here for your home practice.

So excited to share the LIVE class via audio recording here– thank you for the wonderful energy generated in our June class.

LIVE Edmonds Waterfront Center class Friday, 06-24

This practice will echo some of the movement and breath in class. Try this and share your experience at next week’s class!

Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions, comments or reflections. I would love to hear from you!

Elemental Yoga

This Five Element healing practice uses sound healing, qi gong movement, and powerful acupressure points to move energy through the body, all the organ systems, the nervous system and the mind. This is a powerful practice; you may feel very tired, relaxed or very centered, it all depends on how balanced your energy is that particular day. I recommend using this practice as a part of a full self care day, drinking extra water, a sea salt or baking soda bath, naps, whatever restful activities you can invite into a day of healing.

Yoga For Recovery

Yoga for Recovery honors our path away from addiction and toward health and wellbeing. This class combines short breath/meditation practice, movement specially designed to calm the stress response, and build resilience, and ends with especially comforting restorative and resting shapes with guided meditation. Terra Lea is highly trained in trauma informed yoga teaching, and uses her understanding of energy pathways, acupressure, tapping and self massage to amp up the healing response, empowering students to be co-creators in a community of healing.

Videos will be coming soon! Please check the 5 minute Mindful Minutes page for short video practices.

If a tailored therapeutic 1:1 session works better for you, please click below for other ways we can meet your wellness needs.

“Terra Lea is so patient and kind in how she accommodates me. For over thirty years, I have had a bad neck, with a crick in both sides, and with the gentle exercise, my neck is pain free. The class has also taught me so much about stress management and mobility. I cannot recommend this class enough. I implore you to come along, as I can almost guarantee you’ll feel much better for taking an hour out of your busy life.”

David, Everett, WA

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