Mindful Movement

If you are enrolled in a mindful movement class with Terra Lea, all that is required is an open mind, comfortable clothes, and the desire to deepen your self care practices. You may practice in a chair, or on the floor, some class mats are available for use. If you want your own supplies, see the supply list HERE.

Water is not necessary during class, as this is a gentle flowing movement and breath practice, but please drink plenty of water after class, to assist your body in removing toxins. Refrain from eating at least 45 minutes before class. Your body may warm up and cool down, so dress appropriately, you are welcome to bring a blanket or towel to drape over, and socks can be nice too.

Every week, a new video or audio will be posted here for your home practice.

Class 1: We Belong

Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions, comments or reflections!

Yoga For Recovery

Videos will be coming soon! Please check the 5 minute Mindful Moments page for short video practices.

Flow + Yin

If you are enrolled in this class, check out the videos HERE to support your home practice.

“Terra Lea is so patient and kind in how she accommodates me. For over thirty years, I have had a bad neck, with a crick in both sides, and with the gentle exercise, my neck is pain free. The class has also taught me so much about stress management and mobility. I cannot recommend this class enough. I implore you to come along, as I can almost guarantee you’ll feel much better for taking an hour out of your busy life.”

David, Everett, WA

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