1:1 Energy Balancing Sessions

Are you ready to walk a path of wellness? Every journey begins with one small step. An energy medicine practitioner is not a healer, they offer energy assistance to move energy, to create space, to balance. Think of it as a few more bulbs in a chandelier. Our own healing systems are powerful, ancient and capable. So, walking alongside us in a wellness journey, a compassionate, intuitive energy medicine practitioner like Terra Lea, can be a catalyst for change.

Terra Lea became curious about acupressure and energy flows while enduring a painful tendon injury. To alleviate pain naturally, she began studying with Eden Energy Medicine School, led by international renowned energy practitioner Donna Eden. Terra Lea also learned qi gong breath and movement patterns, and began noticing changes; not only through tendons and muscles, but also chronic pain, arthritis, and stress– all slowly disappeared.

Since then, she completed Level 1 Foundations EEM training, and will complete her EEM Clinical Practitioner 2 year certification program in April 2023. When she completes her practicum and exams, she will confidently offer clients a clinical practice carefully assessing kinesthetic energy patterns, and use powerful somatic therapies to align individual energies, help reduce pain and alleviate chronic conditions, and offer emotional and mental release and ease.

At this time, Terra Lea offers 30-60 minute energy balancing sessions to refresh, relax, and release tension. These are offered in your home, or online. When our energy systems are functioning optimally, we feel ease, ‘in the flow’, our bodies and minds release tension and toxins efficiently. When we are irritable, reactive, have trouble focusing or feel sluggish, our energy systems need a boost.

“It is amazing to me that simple movements, and the use of acupressure points can release tension. With Terra Lea’s direction, I feel more calm, energized and focused. I am not the type to enjoy movement classes, but the time flies when I work with Terra Lea.”

Sara M., Gig Harbor

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