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Nothing changes if nothing changes. Are you ready to walk a path of wellness?

Private yoga therapy and breathwork sessions

Once we decide to work together, and you’ve chosen the package that works for you, I set our schedule for weekly or twice weekly 1 hour sessions, either in your home or office, or virtually on Zoom, google meet, or Facetime. I block out 1 1/2 hours, to accommodate questions, coaching and energy healing modalities, always being respectful of your time and schedule. To really see value for your time and energy and see lasting changes in your patterns of tension, pain, and patterns of thinking, committing to a 4-6 week program is ideal. At the end of your 5 or 10 session package, we will meet to discuss your further goals. It is important to me that you feel empowered as you create change in your own body, mind and heart, and I serve as a guide and coach on your journey of wellness.

Clubs, meetings, or corporate wellness events

Whether meeting on the beach before a wedding, at a conference, or in backyard gardens, I create a wellness experience tailored to your event. My clients say I am creative, playful and fun to work with, engaging all with a humorous and lighthearted approach. Yoga opens us to love, laughter, light, and our interconnectness. Contact me to bring embodied joy to your event!

Recovery Yoga

My path with movement, breathwork, and energy healing began with my own mental health. A breakdown in China, while my husband and I were working abroad nearly ended my journey on Earth, and when I returned to the states, I vowed to follow a healthy, non- pharmaceutical path to wellness. I clearly understand and respect everyone’s choices about their mental health, and realize my path is only my path, we all need our own special toolkit for wellness.

It took over a year to overcome the effects of drugs I was prescribed, and working closely with a naturopath, therapist and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, along with yoga, mindfulness meditation, and qi gong healing practices, I can say that I feel healthier, happier, more creative, and calmer than I have in years. I sleep deeply and fully, and I feel more open and able to focus clearly. My capacity to respond to the bumps and bruises of life has grown– truly I am more capable now than ever to find space and step back from an instant emotional reaction to life.

When we are living in stress response, eager for a relief from discomfort, addiction is the common path. Whether social media, binge watching shows, smoking, drinking, or even over doing healthy things, awareness of what is with us, right now, accepting our feelings of inadequacy, irritation, judgement, fear, rage, trauma, and moving through them is the only way to heal. I know now that either I work towards healing, or those feelings become stuck in my system and lead to disease, pain and chronic conditions. I vow to continue my healing path, knowing I am always on the road of recovery from addiction, and I am eager to share practices that assist me on my way, hoping they can benefit others on their recovery journey. Contact me about recovery yoga programs I am running now.

“It is amazing to me that simple movements, and the use of acupressure points can release tension. With Terra Lea’s direction, I feel more calm, energized and focused. I am not the type to enjoy movement classes, but the time flies when I work with Terra Lea.”

Sara M., Gig Harbor

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