Which story do I choose: Divine constellations of light or blowing a fuse?

Star from the Lizard Constellation Photobombs Hubble Observation
Star from the Lizard Constellation Photobombs Hubble Observation by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

Our tour group of eight kayaks followed our guide like wandering ducklings out into Desolation Sound, off the north coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The sun was low in the sky, the clouds shades of purple and magenta, tree lined shores dark in shadow. We were on what we hoped to be a night-time bioluminescent kayak tour to see sparkling marine algae. We tried to keep our expectations low as our guide Cait told us  several times, it at all depends on the light.

My hubbie and I, in our double kayak, slid around the edge of a small island, looked at rock formations, and birds, pointed out seals playing, reflected in the water by the orange sun sinking over the bay.  After a couple of hours, we followed our guide, circling back into the shallow lagoon,  headed for a clump of seaweed near the shore. 

Cait said, “we’re  bound to see more of the bioluminescent plankton in the shallows at water’s edge where the shadows are deeper.” My arm muscles ached a bit, so I rested my paddle over my lap, the darkening of the sky mirrored in warm seawater. I listened to the splash of my husband scooping the water behind me, grateful he was still paddling while I took a minute’s rest. I was tired, but eagerly focused my eyes on the water. As the tides flowed in and  swirled, now and again a tiny spark of light, almost microscopic, and so fast I wasn’t sure I saw it—  moved past us as we pushed  through. The light was so small, and less than a second, it hard to believe it was really there. I wondered if my wishes were causing my imagination to go wild. 

Our guide explained that those microalgae absorb sunlight,  are mostly found in the upper layers of the sea, and release that charge of light with movement. She assured us that when the darkness was at its height with shadows deep around the lagoon, by about 10 PM, we would see the luminescence, that it was there, it’s just that our eyes couldn’t see it yet. We continued  around the lagoon, focused on the darkening waters; a tiny sparkle here and there, appearing and disappearing, and then, it happened just about 10 o’clock as she said. We couldn’t see starlight in the sky yet, but the stars stirred in the sea beneath us.

Swirls of light followed the pattern of  water moving away from me, my paddle a paintbrush, the sea my canvas. Wanting to get closer to this marvel, I put my hand in, waving my fingers in figure eights, grateful that my husband was patiently continuing to maneuver slowly while I played. I think I could’ve done that for hours— each time I slid my hand through, a new constellation of pulsing light blue light emerged between my fingers, and under my hand. I felt like God, playing with stars.

If we are to believe quantum physics, then we are the same matter as stars, the same energy, so those constellations in the sea or in the sky exist within and around me as well. Even if I can’t see it, I feel it, I know when I am about to ‘blow a fuse’, ‘explode’, need to ‘power down’, or ‘energize’ or just maybe just not in feeling in the groove, in the flow.

Movement causes a change in our patterns, releasing energy whether we are micro-algae or humans. Mindful movement, with focused awareness, not multi-tasking, and focused on healing intentions, gratitude, appreciation, wonder—even awe that we the same energy as galaxies— maybe engaging the imaginative side of our brains (we all have that!) remembering that there are no good or bad parts of us, just stars, moving in the water and sliding through the sky. Healing is individual, but also powerful in community.

I specialize in therapeutic movement, using yoga, qi gong, energy medicine, acupressure massage, reiki, weaving ancient tools together in a modern format that is accessible to all.

Watch a video or audio here on Patreon, (safe, ad free community) or contact me for in-person healing sessions, 1:1 or in local classes. Wellness and ease in body, mind and spirit is our birthright.

“Nurture the darkness of your soul, until you become whole.”

Lao Tzu

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